Malone Farms Equestrian Center
Newborn, GA
Merideth Bryans, Trainer

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We are currently building our show schedule for the 2017 show year. Please contact Merideth with any shows you would like to do. This is a tentative calendar, with those shows in italics being possibilities if we have enough interest. Please stay in contact with us on what shows you plan to attend! We are open to adding more shows, especially local rated ones if interest arises.  

Malone Farms 2017

March 4-5  Cheryl & Co.   Wills Park  GHJA

March 11-12  H.J. Fox   GHJA

March 18  AAHJA

March 22-26  The Classic Company   GIHP  AA

April 1  AAHJA

March 29-April 2  The Classic Company   GIHP   AA

April 8-9  Cheryl & Co.   Wills Park   GHJA

April 15  AAHJA

April 22-23  H.J. Fox  GIHP  GHJA

April 26-30  Tryon  AA

May 13  AAHJA

May 20-21  Bolshoi Benefit  AAHJA

May 24-28  Tryon  AA

June 3-4  Elite  Chattahoochee Hills   GHJA

June 10  AAHJA

June 14-18  The Classic Company   GIHP   AA

June 24   AAHJA

June 21-25  The Classic Company   GIHP   AA

July 1-2  Cheryl & Co.    Wills Park   GHJA

July 15-16  H.J. Fox   GIHP  GHJA

July 29   AAHJA

August 12-13  H.J. Fox   GIHP  GHJA

August 19-20   PSJ    B

September 9   AAHJA

September 16-17   H.J. Fox   GIHP  GHJA

September 30-October 1   Cheryl & Co. Wills Park   GHJA

October 7  AAHJA

October 21-22 H.J. Fox   GIHP   GHJA

October 28-29   AAHJA Finals   GIHP

November 8-12  The Classic Company   GIHP    AA

November 15-19  The Classic Company    GIHP   AA